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Honey From Argentina

At Honey Onyx Apiary, we are passionate about making delicious honey and caring responsibily for our bees. We have teamed up with our favorite beekeeprs from Argentina to share their honey with you. We know as a consumer it’s important to know where your honey comes from. So we are buzzing to share their stories with you!

Did You Know?

Any honey sold by Honey Onyx Apiary contains no extra additives and is 100% pure honey product. We hand select the beekeepers we work with, and we keep quality and sustainable bee practices in mind!

Eucalyptus Honey

This honey comes from the Eucalyptus Grandis blossom in the Argentinian Mesopotamia during the months of March and April (beginning of fall). It is harvested in a very wet environment, so its moisture is higher than other honeys.

It has a medium strong taste. Its flavor combines woody, caramel, slightly mentholated, faintly tart taste and moderate sweetness. It crystalizes shortly with a coarse texture.

Beekeeper: Vairolatti Fernando A

(Lot Code: EV)

Fernando was born in Cordoba state and has been surrounded by bees since his childhood. When he was 5 years old, his father introduced him to the world of bees and since then, they have shared endless hours in the beeyard. He started his own bees operation in 2010 when he moved to Entre Rios state.

He currently has 1000 beehives.

GPS Coordinates of the bees that made this honey:

31º 30´ 32”S 58º 12´6”W

Forest Honey

This honey comes from a dry natural forest in the North of Cordoba state. It is a mixture of honeydew and nectar from wild trees like mesquite, chañar, brea and mistol.

As it has an important percentage of honeydew, its mineral content is higher than regular honeys.  Its aroma is soft (characteristic of honeydews). Presents a low sweetness with woody, malty and slightly caramelized taste. It crystalizes very slowly or not at all. 

Beekeeper: D’Ambros MA y MD SH

(Lot Code: FD)

The D’Ambros family started beekeeping in 1991 with 400 beehives. Now the second generation is in charge, leading a team of 12 workers to take care of their bees. Their production base is in Concordia, Entre Rios, but their beehives travel around Argentina to get different flavors of honey, expand their bee’s lifespan and increase productivity.

GPS Coordinates of the bees that made this honey:

30º 38´55”S 64º56´59”W

Wild Mint Honey

This mint honey comes from Salado river basin in Buenos Aires state. It is harvested in low brackish fields which normally flood, where pennyroyal grows wild.

It has a strong pungent aroma, similar to a mixture of camphor and methol. It is medium sweet with a short aftertaste.

Beekeeper: Correa Juan Domingo

(Lot Code:MC)

He got in touch with bees when some big beekeepers from his hometown, Tandil (Buenos Aires State), needed help in the summer. When he was 36 years old Juan quit his work as truckdriver and started with 250 beehives. Now, he and his son operate 1000 beehives located near Tandil and Rauch.

GPS Coordinates of the bees that made this honey:

36º 46´41.58”S 59º 09´18.64”W

Orange Honey

This honey comes from orange fields in the North East of Entre Rios state (near the cities of Chajari and Federacion). It is an early spring blossom that takes place in the months of September and October.

Its aroma has a medium intensity, reminiscent of orange blossoms. It has a sweet and mild citrus fruity taste. It normally crystalizes slowly with a natural creamy texture.

Beekeeper: Salud Mauricio Jose

(Lot Code: CS)

Mauricio had his first contact with bees with his father, who was also taught by his father. When he was 17 years old, he started working with other beekeepers, gaining knowledge. He bought his first 30 beehives and kept working as an employee until he could have more beehives and his own first truck. He now operates 360 beehives with his son, who is now 17 years old.

GPS Coordinates of the bees that made this honey:

31º 15´18.15”S 58º 00´08.67”W

Beekeeper: Versalli Juan Ramon

(Lot Code: CV)

Juan Ramon started working with other beekeepers from his town (Chajari, Entre Rios) when he was 17 years old. On his first season he had 1 beehive, but on the following he managed to get to 30. Later, he associated with his brother Gustavo with whom he nowadays operates 1000 beehives. They move their beehives from orange blossom in Entre Rios to alfalfa fields near La Pampa and back to eucalyptus blossom in Entre Rios.

GPS Coordinates of the bees that made this honey:

30º43´41.45”S 57º56´57.52”W

Beekeeper: D´Ambros MA y MD SH

(Lot Code: CD)

GPS Coordinates of the bees that made this honey:

31º 17´48”S 58º 5´8”W

Sunflower Honey

This honey comes from sunflower fields in the border of Buenos Aires and La Pampa state.

Its aroma is very mild with an oily smell. It has a medium taste intensity, sugary and slightly heavy, resembling pumpkin sweets. With a bright yellow color, it normally crystalizes very quickly and hard.

Beekeeper: Versalli Mercedes

(Lot code: SV)

Mercedes and her husband, Cristian, started with 8 beehives in 1997 and learned with the employee of a local beekeeper how to manage them. They really enjoyed it and thought the bees could be their family business. So, they saved money, did some short beekeeping courses, and launch themselves to operate their first professional operation of 300 beehives. Nowadays they manage 1350 beehives with their oldest son, Tomas.

Their beehives, and the whole family, travel from their hometown in Villa del Rosario, Entre Rios to Quenuma, Buenos Aires searching for blossoms.

GPS Coordinates of the bees that made this honey:

36º 28´51.71”S 63º 02´33.032”W

Beekeeper: Lovato Rodolfo

(Lot code: SL)

Rodolfo started working as the employee of a local beekeeper and in 1993 he started his first beeyard with 50 beehives. Year by year he increased his quantity of beehives and in 2002 quit his job to become a professional beekeeper. He manages 1200 beehives with his brother in law and his son.

GPS Coordinates of the bees that made this honey:

36º 30´32.19 ”S 63º 06´22.81”W

Thank you for continuing to support our family honey farm. We love making honey for you. Reach out to us if you have any questions!

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